Michela Bianchi draws near to the art for game, in 1981 it participates to a course of painting on porcelain. It cultivates this hobby for years painting only for passion. In 1990 it enrolls him in the AIDIPP (Italian Association of Teachers and Painters of Porcelain) and it starts to deepen his/her hobby also comparing with foreign artists. It also participates in various Seminars with famous artists coming from various parts of the world. In 1991 she has also drawn near to the fusion of the glass (Glass-fusing), ancient technique to melt the glass and to create objects of furnishing. Lately it also approaches to the glass the raw clay, crush, enameled, raku creating indeed some unique objects.

From 1996 she has expressed one technique of his personnel: it paints on porcelain with five-year periods and leaf gold 24 K.ti

From 1997 it is real member of the IPAT (www.ipat.org) and of the WOCP (www.porcellainpainters.com).

From 1998 some works of his are exposed to the "Permanent Collection of Arts of the Fire" near Villa Vertua of Milanese Nova.

From 2003 it belongs to the directive UCAI (union Catholic Italian artists).

Its works are been published on magazines in America: The China painter - May June 1997, The Slope Decorator - February 1999, in Switzerland: Porcelaine - December 1998, in Italy: Seen AIDIPP again - Italian Association of Teachers and Painters of Porcelain-1° quartere 1996.

She has participated in National and International Shows in Europe. Some works of his in glass and porcelain belong to the Permanent Collection of the Arts of the Nova Fire Milanese. 

She has spoken of her "Inside House" seen Bresciana for the house February 2001 again, with the article "Porcelains to be loved", "The unique pieces in gold leaf of Michela Bianchi."

She has written of her, Maurice Bernardelli Curuz, manager of "Style" monthly art of art, with the article "Michela Bianchi, transparencies and counterpoints... "


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